MSR PocketRocket Deluxe Stove vs. PocketRocket 2

What’s the difference between MSR’s PocketRocket Deluxe and PocketRocket 2 stoves?

The MSR PocketRocket stoves have been favorites among backpackers for more than a decade. These ultralight and compact stoves are trusted for their ease of use and rock-solid reliability—making them a solid choice for elite adventurers and first-timers alike.

The original and now-iconic PocketRocket model quickly became MSR’s bestselling stove. Seeking to refine it further, MSR engineers designed the PocketRocket 2—an even smaller and lighter high-performance stove that keeps travelers cooking fast and moving fast in the backcountry.

Now, we’re proud to introduce the PocketRocket Deluxe. A fully featured, highly equipped micro stove that’s packed with big-stove features.

msr-blog-pocketrocket-compareLet’s look at the key features of the PR2 and the new PR Deluxe.

How they’re similar

  • Ultralight
  • Fast-boiling
  • Incredibly compact
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Simmer control
  • Folding pot supports

It wouldn’t be a PocketRocket stove if it wasn’t small and light.

But packed into those tiny frames is a ton of power. Despite their size, these stoves crank out fast boil times. They clock a liter of water in 3.5 minutes or less. In fact, at room temperature with no environmental factors, they’re as fast or faster than some system stoves!

All PocketRockets share the stainless steel, folding pot supports design that allows them to shrink down for efficient nesting inside other gear.

They also offer simmering capabilities, expanding your menu options in the backcountry.

Finally, with simplicity as a hallmark, PocketRocket stoves require no maintenance and no fuss to use, making them ideal whether you’re striking out for two days or two weeks into the wilderness.

How they’re different

Rather than iterations of each other, the PR2 and PR Deluxe are siblings with unique feature sets. Let’s boil those down to help you chose which is right for you.

PocketRocket 2

  • MSR’s lightest stove – 73 g (2.6 oz)
  • 3:30 boil time
  • Minimalist, utilitarian design
  • MSR’s smallest stove
  • Fits in MSR Titan Mug
  • Unbeatable value – $44.95
  • Best for: Absolute minimal pack weight when traveling in favorable weather conditions and/or our most affordable stove

The PR2 is a no-frills solution to a fast and light stove. If counting grams is priority number one and your adventures tend to be in more favorable weather conditions (think: warm weather, little wind), this is your rocket.

Photo by Scott Rinckenberger

With its smart ease of use, the PR2 is also a surefire stove if you’re seeking MSR’s quality and durability at a great price. It’s a tried-and-true piece of high-quality gear.

PR Deluxe

MSR PocketRocket Deluxe

  • Ultralight – 83 g (2.9 oz)
  • 3:20 boil time
  • Pressure regulator for consistently fast boil times
  • Piezo push-start ignition
  • Broad burner head with wind lip
  • Great value – $69.95
  • Best for: Ultralight travel during a wide range of seasonal conditions, including colder temps.

Small but mighty, the PR Deluxe is a grand slam. This latest PocketRocket is packed with premium features you’d typically find in stoves twice its size—for hardly a few grams more than the PR2.

Pressure regulator

The most significant of these features is its built-in pressure regulator. This component is one of the secret sauces behind our bigger powerhouse WindBurner and Reactor stove systems. A pressure regulator ensures the stove delivers consistently fast boil times across a range of conditions. The regulator’s job is to minimize the detrimental impacts that environmental factors, like cold temperatures, have on a stove, keeping your stove cranking strong through it all.

Unregulated canister stoves suffer when the temperatures drop and or you have low fuel in your canister.

But a well-designed pressure regulator helps the stove “ignore” those adverse factors, so that you experience more consistently fast boil times. This means that on warm days, on colder evenings and everything in between, you’ll enjoy lots of fast, hot meals.

In other words, the pressure regulator takes the PR Deluxe to the next level.

Push-start ignition

msr pocketrocket deluxe
Photo by Scott Rinckenberger

With its built-in piezo lighter, a simple push of a button fires up PR Deluxe.

In the past, MSR has shied from using push-start igniters because they can present a weak point on a stove. But after a great deal of testing, we developed one we could proudly stand behind.

To ensure its durability, we routed the wire up through the stove body so nothing hangs on the exterior of the stove to catch. In addition, the electrode igniter is set deep within the burner cup for maximum protection.

We’re confident this piezo will hold up to the reputation and long-term durability of the PocketRocket name. (Of course, we’d be remiss to not advise that you always carry the ten essentials.)

Broad burner

The Deluxe’s broader burner is new for the PocketRocket line. The wider diameter spreads the flame’s focus, making it easier to cook real food, rather than just boil water. And the burner’s lip increases wind resistance, which also boosts the stove’s efficiency.


Photos by Scott Rinckenberger

All that for just 10 grams more

It’s hard to imagine that for the weight of just two nickels more than the PR2, you get these bonus features in the PR Deluxe. It’s no surprise that this micro stove has become a staff favorite.

Still, each PocketRocket has its place in the lineup. Depending on your priorities, either makes an excellent stove for your ambitious fast and light—or simple weekend escape—adventures.

All three PocketRocket stoves are also available in stove kits, bundled with a pot and cup.



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