Snowshoe Sizing: How to Pick Your Perfect Length 

Aside from bringing a thermos with a hot lunch and/or drinks, one of the easiest ways to ensure a great time snowshoeing is to make the right choice when considering the right snowshoe sizing. One of snowshoes’ biggest jobs is to provide “flotation” to keep you from sinking too deeply into the snowpack, so the amount of flotation you need is what drives your choice of snowshoe length. A bigger snowshoe means more surface area which, in turn, means more flotation. Generally speaking, the “right” snowshoe is one that delivers the flotation you need, while being small enough to keep you nimble on the trail.    Here are some quick tips to help you make the right choice in snowshoe sizing: First: The Majority Rule When considering the following variables, it’s easy to get bogged down in the thought that you want a snowshoe that does it all–from…

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Video Tips: Using Your MSR Liquid Fuel Stove

We have covered how to choose the right fuel for your liquid fuel stove and the differences between canister stoves and liquid fuel stoves, but here we bring it back to the basics. If you are the recent owner of a MSR liquid Fuel Stove, looking into getting one, or just need a quick refresher, this is a great video to show you the basics of using your liquid fuel stove. This video teaches you how to fill your fuel bottle, what to fill it with, how to set up your stove, pump your fuel, ignite the stove safely, and optimize your stove for simmering with just a few quick tips. MSR liquid fuel stoves convert a liquid fuel into a gas for fast, efficient, and clean cooking. Important Safety Tips:…

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How to Wash a Tent

Take care of your tent and it’ll take care of you. Here’s how our repair team recommends cleaning it.

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