MSR Tent Tech: 3 Ways to Field Repair a Rip in Your Tent’s Rainfly

All MSR tents are designed with long-term durability in mind, but anything can happen in the backcountry. Even a small rip in your rainfly can expose your tent to the elements, and a little tear can quickly migrate and become a bigger problem. Repairing it in the field can be your best bet, preferably before it starts to rain. Here are three solutions for tent rainfly repair recommended by MSR engineers and designers who have field-tested tents to their limits.

Mesh patch for tent rainfly repair

Solution #1: Use the MSR Fabric Repair Kit

MSR Fabric Repair Kit
Our first choice for quick, easy and permanent tent repairs in the field are self-adhesive fabric repair patches like the ones included in the MSR Fabric Repair Kit. Simply clean and dry the torn or damaged fabric area, place a patch on both sides of the tear, and you’re done.

The MSR Fabric Repair Kit includes both clear patches for repairing tent fabric of any color, and mesh patches for fixing tears in mesh doors and panels.Mesh patch 2 for tent rainfly repair

Solution #2: Use duct tape or medical tape

While not an elegant remedy, duct tape is a versatile solution to all sorts of problems you might encounter. Medical tape can be a useful temporary fix as well. Remember to remove the duct or medical tape as soon as you return from your trip to avoid leaving a sticky residue on your tent.

Solution #3: Stitch the tear

Stitching the tear should be your last resort, as it could add more punctures to the rainfly and possibly cause the tear to increase in size. But if you’re without patches or tape, this temporary repair to your rainfly can help you maintain your shelter until it’s time to head for home.

Most importantly, once you get back from your trip, you should clean your rainfly carefully and, if you haven’t already, apply a permanent fix with our repair patches. If the tear is too large, contact the MSR repair department to inquire about a larger-scale, professional-looking repair.

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