Your Guide to Paraglide Snowshoe Bindings

Meet the Paraglide™, our newest snowshoe binding featured on all Trail series snowshoes: Evo, Revo, and Lightning. (Pro tip: if our site is out of stock, use the Find In Store or Find Online buttons on the product page to see MSR retailers with inventory.) Based on the materials and design principles of the award-winning Paragon binding (found on Ascent series snowshoes), the Paraglide was designed to be easy to use and incredibly comfortable for newer snowshoers while still providing a secure fit and high-quality performance. Using the Paraglide Snowshoe Bindings To put on the Paraglide snowshoe binding, simply pull the outside strap forward over your foot. Then tighten and secure the rear strap. Roller buckles make tightening the straps easy and intuitive by holding them in place without slippage….

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