The Guide to WindBurner Cookware & Accessories


The versatility of the WindBurner’s system designWe built the WindBurner to be the ultimate windproof personal stove system. But what exactly makes it a system—and what’s the advantage? For starters, the WindBurner’s radiant burner and its pot are designed to work together to maximize heat and deliver impressively fast boil times in the backcountry. Here’s a look at the the WindBurner lineup and how you can mix and match these pieces to build up your ultimate cook system—one that’s perfectly eq

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Have You Purchased an MSR Snow Shovel?

Do you have an MSR snow shovel? At MSR, though we rigorously test our designs, we’ve recently become aware of an out-of-spec production part that could cause issues with our snow shovels. We ask that you please follow the link provided to fully understand the issue. Find out more To contact our Customer Service: United States & Canada: Cascade Designs, Inc. Customer Service Europe: Cascade Designs Ltd Warranty Department +353214621417

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Backcountry Pole FAQs: Your Questions Answered

As many winter hikers, snowshoers, skiers and splitboarders will attest, backcountry poles help you maintain stability and safety as you cross snowfields, navigate icy switchbacks, and traverse frozen hillsides. Plus, they help you reduce joint impact and minimize fatigue, so you can save strength and better endure the elements. Adjustable winter poles are especially useful for navigating steep inclines and descents, letting you shorten or lengthen poles to match the terrain for improved efficiency. Adjustable poles also pack up and stow away easily while in technical terrain, or when splitboarders are ready to ride down. Here are five frequently asked questions (FAQs) of our customer service department along with information to help you select and use MSR® backcountry poles that are right for you, for your environment, and for the…

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