An Update on Inventory

Away Team Bio

Rini Sugianto

When she’s not animating, a profession she’s been doing for the last 16 years, Rini is spending as much time as humanly possible in the great outdoors. She’s usually either climbing some rocks, trying to reach the summit of some mountain or just wandering around running on some beautiful trails.

Essential Gear

  • WindBurner Stove hands down. It’s light, small and works well in the wind. I have multiples of them.

How did you find your passion for the outdoors?

I think I’ve always liked the outdoors even when I was a kid. But I wasn’t really allowed to. Back then in my hometown, it was uncommon for a girl to be out and about in nature. I was very sheltered even though I was a rebel. I was always into sports. I was a competitive swimmer when I was in middle school and was always on some sort of sports team growing up. When I moved to the US and graduated from school, I finally got my chances to experience the outdoors like I never did (I was asked on a hike by a guy who was interested in me, who is now my husband). It really opened my eyes to the outdoors and my passion for it.