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Away Team Bio

Chris Brinlee, Jr.

Chris is a multi-disciplined adventure athlete and professional storyteller who specializes in bringing back harrowing tales from faraway places. His content creation expeditions have led him from the fjords of eastern Greenland seeking first ascents to the ice sheets of Antarctica with Mike Horn and countless places in between. An expert in field logistics and problem solving, no endeavor is out of his depth.

Essential Gear

How did you find your passion for the outdoors?

While sitting in a cubicle at my second job, post-college in LA, a little voice inside my head said, “Go backpacking. Go to Yosemite.” Having spent my childhood visiting family in the Valley, I knew that Yosemite was nearby, but anytime I heard the word, it conjured up visions of Yosemite Sam. That is to say, I knew absolutely nothing about the place. When I Googled images of “Yosemite,” the Tunnel View came up; it blew my mind: “That’s in CALIFORNIA?! Five hours away from me?!” I didn’t know anything about backpacking, but I planned the trip and made it happen. That changed my life forever: 15 months later, I quit my advertising job to pursue a new career as an adventure storyteller, forging my own path along the way.