Shelter from the Storm: Tips for Building Winter Shelters

In many parts of the world, finding solitude while camping in the backcountry is getting harder every year. But don’t fret; you just need to add two things to get what you’re after: cold and snow. While winter camping definitely adds some unique challenges, those extra few hurdles are precisely what filter the crowds, leaving vast swaths of the backcountry under-appreciated for months. Of those hurdles, one of the biggest is figuring out your winter camping strategy for shelter. Warmth, weight and ease are the primary benchmarks to judge your choice by, and there are two paths to travel: bring your own or use what’s there. Here’s a quick breakdown of four of the most common winter shelters and tips on how best to use and/or build them. Location, Location,…

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5 Tips for Staying Warm & Comfortable in a Tent

Sleeping in a tent in good weather is mostly intuitive. Sure, there are some helpful tricks, but for the most part, any beginner can figure it out. However, add a little rain, snow, sleet, wind, or combinations of the elements thereof, and staying warm and dry might not be as simple as you thought. Anyone can survive a night in less than ideal conditions, but maintaining comfort and warmth on longer and/or multiday trips and adventures can take a little more experience. Here are five quick tips that just might come in handy on your next camping adventure that features less than desirable weather. 1: Ventilation  One of the key components of staying dry is preventative maintenance. No matter how warm your gear is, it is rendered pretty useless once…

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Alpine Strongholds: Introducing Remote™ Mountaineering Tents


“A mountaineering tent is your first line of defense against some of most severe and inhospitable conditions on the earth,” says MSR athlete Eric Larsen. As a record-setting polar explorer, mountaineer and guide, he knows. “I’ve literally spent years of my life living in a tent on one adventure or another. A well-designed tent is integral to your safety, and even survival.”When MSR set out to redefine what a mountaineering tent could be, we worked closely with Eric. The result? Our new Remote Mo

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