New WindBurner Cookware & Accessories are Here

Use Them to Build Up Your Ultimate Stove System

The versatility of the WindBurner’s system design

We built the WindBurner to be the ultimate windproof personal stove system. But what exactly makes it a system—and what’s the advantage? For starters, the WindBurner’s radiant burner and its pot are designed to work together to maximize heat and deliver impressively fast boil times in the backcountry. But this season, we build upon that system approach by introducing new cookware and accessories that let you increase the versatility of your system to meet the unique needs of various adventures or group sizes.

Here’s a look at the newest additions to the WindBurner lineup and how you can mix and match these pieces to build up your ultimate cook system—one that’s perfectly equipped to serve you on just about any type of adventure.

New larger 1.8 L system adds capacity for larger meals

With a 1.0 L capacity, the original WindBurner system was designed to be a personal backcountry cooking unit, so it’s great for solo travelers, or when space and weight is a premium. But when the posse expands to three people, or the meal volume grows, the new larger 1.8 L WindBurner Stove System is the ticket.

The 1.8 L system is built around the same unique radiant burner as the 1.0 L, and therefore, the pots are interchangeable between the systems.

While larger, this new system carries forward the proven windproof performance and fast boil times that the WindBurner has been celebrated for. Much of this has to do with the stove’s radiant burner and enclosed pot, which shields the flame from the wind. Because of this, the system is virtually impervious to the types of conditions that shut other stoves down.

Boil times using 0.5L of water.

The 1.8L system comes with an insulated cozy, a drinking and straining lid, and a large bowl.
It’s important to note that when using the 1.8L pot, you must use the larger canister stand that came with it. This stand’s longer legs are required to ensure stability with the larger size pot.

Accessory Pots maximize system versatility

Not every backcountry or camping trip is the same. At times, the objective is to move fast and light. Other times, casual group cooking is in order. This is where WindBurner accessory pots maximize versatility. Because all pots fit the same burner, you can start with the system size that’s right for the majority of your trips, and add an accessory pot for those missions where the needs of the group or the adventure are different. More, with these standalone pots, small groups can share one burner among friends to shave weight.

New WindBurner Skillet makes pan-frying possible

You asked for it. We engineered it. The new WindBurner Skillet turns your stove system into a versatile, gourmet cooking machine. Perfect for pan-frying, simmering and sautéing food, it expands your menu options in the backcountry—so you aren’t stuck to boil-only meals any longer.

Built of scratch-resistant, hard-anodized aluminum for lightweight durability, the skillet features sloped sides for easier flipping and stirring. And its elevated design allows heat to disperse more evenly along the bottom, letting you cook a simple, yet real meal outdoors.

Coffee/Tea Presses offer rapid, windproof brewing

When coffee or tea are mission critical for jumpstarting a cold mountain morning, WindBurner Coffee Presses turn your stove system into a rapid, windproof brewing machine. With the addition of the 1.8 L stove system, we’ve added a coffee press sized to fit it. These presses are built with a durable stainless steel mesh strainer, and a perimeter gasket to seal out coffee grinds, delivering a fresh, clean brew that will power you through a long day’s journey. Both presses disassemble and store inside the WindBurner system for compact packing, creating an all-in-one unit that’s ready to go when you are.

WindBurner Hanging Kit elevates your cooking

For big wall climbers and winter backcountry travelers, cooking on the ground is often not an option. That’s where the WindBurner Hanging Kit comes in handy. This ultralight and durable hanging solution provides a way to securely elevate your stove, while offering unobstructed access for cooking. Its stainless steel cables support the stove base, while a sliding tensioner keeps the pot steady. It clocks in at just 1.1 oz. (31 g) and rounds out the WindBurner accessory lineup.

Multiple options for many types of trips

With multiple components now in the WindBurner lineup, it’s easier than ever to grab-and-go with a system that’s all set for you. Whether you choose the larger 1.8 L system, and pack an accessory pot, skillet and coffee press for a small group outing; or stash the minimalist 1.0 L system into your solo kit for a fast-packing traverse, the expanded WindBurner collection has your adventures covered.