Behind the Guardian Purifier’s Technology & Design


Your Trusted SourceMSR engineers designed the new Guardian purifier to be the safest and easiest way to purify water virtually anywhere on earth. Achieving such a high degree of performance required advancements in technologies, and a great deal of engineering ingenuity. After six years of R&D, with expertise provided by our water research lab, the result became the world’s most advanced backcountry water treatment device. The Guardian purifier is able to transform even very challenging water so

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Making Better Snow Tools: the MSR Snow Saw Legacy

For some, winter adventures in the backcountry mean snow camping, for others, backcountry skiing. Whether you see yourself building a snow shelter or checking snow conditions this season, you’ll need snow tools you can rely on to deliver unmatched performance in the field. Developing gear that’s safer and easier to use is something MSR has been doing for more than five decades, and it’s a focus that has led to innovations in snow tools, including our new snow saws. But first, a little history…

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