American Road Tripping

Photos and Story By Ben Kunz

The climbing road trip has become a defining part of being an American climber.  The freedom of packing up a vehicle and travelling to dreamy crags across this Great Land is part of our climbing culture.  Last year marked a chance to fulfill a dream of taking some serious time explore some of the best climbing this country has to offer.

The High Sierra

Galen Rowell’s amazing photography opened up my world to the High Sierra.  These amazing mountains with its excellent rock boasts some of American’s finest alpine routes!

“The best alpine wall in the country.” – Peter Croft, about the Incredible Hulk


Tyrolean traverse on Sun Ribbon Arete on Temple Crag:


Climbers atop Tuolumne’s Eichorn Pinnacle:


Rugged Rockies

So much of America’s rich history of climbing is in the Rockies and it was a dream come true to explore a few of these famous mountains and crags!
Lindsey Kunz enjoys a perfect day on perfect granite in Estes Park, Colorado.


Getting remote in the Wind River Range:


Get high and wild in Wyoming’s untamed Wind Rivers:


Southeastern Charm

The South’s beauty lies in its tranquility.  Deep sandstone gorges, lush forests of deciduous hardwoods, and great, accessible climbing.
A picture perfect autumn morning in the forests of the Red River Gorge:


Bourbon casks in a local distillery:


Steep pockets are the name of the game in the Red River Gorge.


Camping in the Southeast has its own dangers:


The Uninsulated Desert

“The high desert has an effect on people.  The place has a way of swallowing you up.”  –Goethe 

From dawn till dusk, we clambered up ravines and canyons to explore routes of the winter desert.  The paths were lightly trodden, the rock not always solid, but we were guaranteed solitude and adventure during a time when most of the country is under a blanket of snow.
The Homestead, one of Arizona’s best sport crags.


Finding some shade at the Rough Rider Wall: