Staff Picks: Our All-Time Favorite Tents

MSR has been making tents since 1973 when the MSR Mountain Tent debuted as a rugged mountaineering shelter able to withstand any abuse the alpine inflicted. Though our tents have evolved since then, our design principles have not. As a shelter, a tent is a very personal thing. And many people, from hardcore climbers to weekend warriors, feel a particular attachment to their wilderness home-away-from-home. We asked several employees around the office which tent, old or new, they rely on for everything from kayak tours to extended backpacking trips.

Diane Levy, lead of Customer Service, Warranty & Repairs: Superfusion 3

Photo by: Diane Leavy

My favorite MSR tent is the Superfusion 3, which was made from 2005-2007. It was the last phase in the evolution of a model that began as the Moss Deltoid. It’s a versatile 3-4 season convertible tent that offers plenty of living space for 2, and comfortable quarters for 3. I have been using a Superfusion 3 for my sea kayak trips for the past 10 years, and wish that MSR would revive this model, (the hooped vestibule is one of the nicest features one can have on any tent!).

My trusty Superfusion 3 will be coming along with us this September for a two-week paddle trip to the west coast of Vancouver Island… Can’t wait!

Dale Karacostas, Brand Manager: Twin Sister and AC Bivy

Photo By Dale Karacostas

They have an exceptionally light weight for being such strong shelters. With both the Pro™ Bivy and the Twin Sister, I can weather any storm or pitch them high for great views and fantastic ventilation under shade. For versatility and weatherproofness at a low weight, you can’t beat them. My favorite place to pitch this set up is on Mt. Challenger in the Picket Range, North Cascades, Washington.

Jennifer Curto, Marketing Coordinator: Hubba Hubba NX

Photo by Kaitlin Bailey

The newly redesigned Hubba Hubba is easy to set up, and has the perfect balance of comfort and space, with lightweight packability. My favorite trip with this tent was to Snowy Lakes which is along the final stretch of the PCT in the North Cascades, Wash. That night we got to experience some insane lightning and thunderstorms, which made for some unreal sunsets both nights.

Adrienne Schofhauser, Copywriter: Hoop

Maybe it’s the discreet green rainfly that blends into the natural surroundings, or the tent’s simple reliability, but I love the Hoop for 3-5 day backpacking trips. It’s been my incredible room-with-a-view from Washington to British Columbia. It’s got just enough room for two plus a dog curled up at our feet, and it fits easily in backcountry sites. I love how easy it is to set up—perfect when you’re exhausted after a long day hiking. Split between two people, its weight is totally manageable. This past summer we spent the Fourth of July on the North Fork Trail in the Entiats in central Washington. After a steep 13-mile day, we couldn’t find a good swath of earth on which to pitch a tent, and no views. (I like views with my morning coffee.) But as we climbed higher, the trees thinned, and suddenly we were standing on a rocky outcropping overlooking an incredible valley with endless rolling mountains and a crisp pastel sky. I love that feeling when you look out, breathe deeply and think to yourself: Yep, this spot’ll do.

Kaitlin Bailey, Marketing Manager: Mutha Hubba NX

This tent is great for backpacking adventures with friends. It’s easy to split the weight up between the poles, tent and fly and for a 3-person tent packs down surprisingly small. When you maximize the space and sleep with 3 people, it’s nice to have the 2 doors so that if you’re the lucky middle sleeper you only have to crawl over one of your friends.

I tend to be a cold sleeper as well, so it’s nice to keep all the body heat in one tent rather than each of us sleeping in our own. Additionally, if you’re traveling with a dog this tent is pretty nice to have room for two people, gear and the pooch.

Last summer 3 of us from MSR took a long weekend out into the North Cascades to Wing Lake. We spent two nights in the backcountry and used the Mutha Hubba as our basecamp while we did some day hiking and scrambling up Black Peak. We were treated to all the North Cascades had to offer with sunny blue skies, hail storms, lightning, thunder and windstorms. Through it all, the tent held up well and kept us dry. From the North Cascades to the CO Front Range, this tent has endured boiling water spills, night squirrel attacks and enjoyed many nights posing for timelapses.