Outdoor Cooking with Tim & Christine Conners

Lipsmacking Backpacking

“Lipsmackin Backpackin'” is an essential item for your packing list that outdoor enthusiasts Tim and Christine Conners have authored, along with six other outdoor cooking books.  These two are not only familiar with all things food, when not writing you will most likely find them camping, backpacking the Appalachian Trail and kayaking!

Title’s that might come in handy while on your next adventure:

  • Lipsmackin’ Backpackin
  • Lipsmackin’ Vegetarian Backpackin
  • The Scout’s Outdoor Cookbook
  • The Scout’s Dutch Oven Cookbook
  • The Scout’s Backpacking Cookbook
  • The Scout’s Large Group Cookbook

Expect a new series to be released this year for 2013 and visit Tim and Christine’s website to get one of these essentials for your outdoor equipment packing list!