Made in the USA: Building the WhisperLite Stove

A lot of outdoorsy folk can tell you where their WhisperLite has been – Yosemite, Canyonlands, Denali, Bryce – the list goes on and on. But how many of these people can tell you where their stove came from? Our new video answers that question in great detail. In this video we walk you through the making of a WhisperLite International stove, step by step, in our Seattle factory. The process starts with raw materials such as sheet metal, tubing and aluminum bar stock. These materials are machined and shaped into parts that are tested and hand-assembled to create each stove. The process is similar to that used on the first WhisperLite, manufactured back in 1984. Almost every MSR stove is manufactured in Seattle, including the Reactor, XGK-EX, SuperFly, DragonFly, WindPro II, and the three WhisperLite models.