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Whether you’ve picked up a new MSR tent recently or are thinking about purchasing one, MSR tent accessories are easy ways to enhance your outdoor living experience. From add-on bits to simple-to-use field repair solutions, these accessories are designed to improve the function and livability of any tent. In this article, we explain the line of MSR tent accessories to help you determine which are right for you.

Tent Stakes

If you need to secure your tent in any environment or situation check out our line of stakes, each designed for different situations. To really get those stakes securely in the ground, don’t forget a Stake Hammer (bonus: it has a bottle opener too!)

Tent Footprint

To protect your tent from rough ground and lengthen its life, using a footprint is recommended. Our Universal Footprint comes in a variety of sizes to fit whichever MSR tent model you own.

Tent Gear Shed

For extra storage space, if you have a Hubba Hubba or Elixir tent, the Gear Shed adds an additional 26.5 sq. feet or 2.46 sq. meters of room to stash gear outside the tent, particularly useful in wet weather.

MSR tent cord guy lines

Tent Cords & Guy Lines

If you need to replace a lost or worn-out tent part, we sell pretty much everything you need. From zipper pulls (Universal and Night Glow!) to Camring Cord Tensioners, you’ll be able to get the bits and bobs that will have your tent back up to snuff.

If you’re looking to update your cordage, we have a few options. This Ultralight Cord is a great all-around utility line to have around for hanging bear bags or replacing guy lines. For extra-reflective line with four included tensioners, get the Reflective Utility Cord Kit. If you want to redo all the guy lines on your tent, then the Tent Guys Lines, already cut to length with four camring cord tensioners, are your best bet.

Tent Repair Accessories

For in-the-field or at-home tent pole fixes, make sure to grab the Tent Pole Repair Splints and a Shock Cord Replacement Kit. The first is a solid quick fix for a broken pole while you’re out (make sure to get it repaired once you’re back home). The second is a DIY kit for replacing stretched-out, tired tent pole shock cord that’s lost its elasticity.

MSR tent poles for FreeLite tent

Tent Poles

Last but not least, our collapsible Adjustable Poles are perfect for MSR Thru-Hiker Wing shelters and other appropriately sized tarps. Available in three sizes, you can choose the right ones for your custom setup.

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