Chad Kellogg Everest Expedition – Camp 3 to the Yellow Band

Chad Kellogg & Rory Tent Camp3

The scene on Everest has settled down and Chad is continuing to prepare for his speed ascent. He and his partner Rory just completed a round of acclimatization, sleeping at Camp 3 and climbing as high as the Yellow Band at 24,700.

Many of you know I love alpine climbing, the small team and the lack of people. You may ask, “what the heck are you doing in the Everest zoo fest?”

Despite the hordes of “climbers,” guides and Sherpas, the Mountains are still awe inspiring. I have chosen a style of climbing that is so difficult for me that I have had much to learn from the mountain. Many of you know that I believe in the “old school” technique of the sequential learning curve. You take on the next biggest challenge after you have established the proper base experience. What I hope to learn from climbing Everest in a day without oxygen is: 1) How to adapt to the highest altitudes, 2) How to properly get nutrition 3) How to apply what I have learned to alpine style ascents of more challenging and remote routes.

Time seems to warp in unusual ways, you may know the feeling. Like when you are shivering all night at a bivouac and time seems to stand still. Well altitude seems to morph the time continuum for me as well. Hours and days at high camps and while climbing seem to pass more quickly than at other places. Half of the day is spent in my sleeping bag insulating myself from the nights sub-zero temperatures.

Chad Kellogg Helicopter Fly By Camp3

chad-YellowBandSouthSummit5513 (1)


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