• Deploy<sup>™</sup> TR-3 Adjustable Winter Poles
    Deploy TR-3 Adjustable Winter Poles

    The ultimate winter poles deliver on-the-fly adjustments and a compact size.

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  • Deploy<sup>™</sup> TR-2 Adjustable Winter Poles
    Deploy TR-2 Adjustable Winter Poles

    Ideal for snowshoers and winter hikers who want one-handed length adjustments.

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  • Flight<sup>™</sup> 3 Adjustable Winter Poles
    Flight 3 Adjustable Winter Poles

    Ultralight and compact with legendary reliability for those who move fast-and-light.

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  • Flight<sup>™</sup> 2 Adjustable Winter Poles
    Flight 2 Adjustable Winter Poles

    Two-section simplicity and strength for the minimalist backcountry traveler.

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  • Pole Maintenance Kit
    Pole Maintenance Kit

    Pricing unavailable Shop Now
  • Snow Baskets
  • Tip Protector
    Tip Protector

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  • Talus<sup>™</sup> TR-3 Trekking Poles
    Talus TR-3 Trekking Poles

    Ideal for constantly changing terrain and versatile enough for any trekking adventure.

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  • Talus<sup>™</sup> TR-2 Trekking Poles
    Talus TR-2 Trekking Poles

    Engineered for off-piste travel and on-the-fly length adjustment.

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  • Swift<sup>™</sup> 3 Trekking Poles
    Swift 3 Trekking Poles

    Perfect for light-and-fast pursuits that demand ultra-compact, easily stowed trekking poles.

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  • Swift<sup>™</sup> 2 Trekking Poles
    Swift 2 Trekking Poles

    Designed for minimalist trekkers who want no-slip performance, and simple, lightweight construction.

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Backcountry Pole FAQs: Your Questions Answered

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