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SE200™ Community Chlorine Maker

SE200™ Community Chlorine Maker

Creates chlorine with the push of a button to make safe, drinkable water.
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The SE200 Community Chlorine Maker is changing how citizens in low-resource communities around the world are creating safe drinking water. In five minutes, with just the push of a button, the device creates chlorine with water, salt and electricity. Each batch produces enough chlorine to make 200 liters of water that’s safe to drink. A supply chain innovation, the chlorine maker lets users treat water on the spot at wells, water trucks and other common sources. Small, portable and easily mastered, it requires only salt brine and electricity from a car battery or mains power. Most importantly, it allows families, leaders and entrepreneurs to control their supply of safe drinking water.

Comes with a one-page pictographic instruction manual.

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For quantity and NGO pricing, please contact our customer service at 800-245-2992 or global.health@cascadedesigns.com.

  • Easy Operation: Simply mix salt brine, add it to the chlorine maker and push the start button. Indicator lights and sounds signal a successful completion, or trouble-shooting options.
  • Fast: Takes just five minutes to produce enough chlorine to make 200 liters of safe, drinkable water; and treats 40,000 liters from just one 12V car battery charge*.
  • Reliable: Smart circuitry produces a consistent chlorine concentration, while durable construction withstands daily repeated use.
  • Proven: Validated by end users in over a dozen low-resource settings, including communities in Kenya, Mali, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Thailand.
  • Great for: Treating large volumes of drinking water, and creating sanitation solution for disinfecting hands, surfaces and instruments.
  • Included: Chlorine Maker, Salt Brine Bottle, Chlorine Bottle, Dosing Cup & Spoon, Chlorine Test Strips, Battery Clip Cable, 1 Salt Packet.
  • Power Supply Kit with wall adapter sold separately

    *Using an 80 amp-hour battery

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9.75 in
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Made in USA of US and Foreign Parts
What kind of salt does the SE200 Chlorine Maker require?

Any kind of table salt (no MSG or other non-NaCl flavor substances). We’ve used brown rock salts in Thailand and flakey salts from fancy restaurants. It all works. However, larger grained salt may require the user to mix more salt into the salt brine bottle. This is also true for rock salt. Some salts have preservative agents that take up space. These also may require more salt mixed into the salt brine bottle, than the instructions recommend. Simply remember: If you get a low salt light, just add more salt!

How long can I keep the salt brine mixture?

It’s best to use it within one year.

How long will the solution with a chlorine concentration last? That is, what’s its shelf life?

It’s best to use it within about 24 hours.

How do I make a disinfection solution for my hands and surfaces?

Make one batch of chlorine in the SE200 Community Chlorine Maker (50 mL) and add it to 750 mL of plain tap water, creating a total of 800 mL of hand-washing solution. The chlorine concentration of this solution is 500 mg/L, which is what the CDC and WHO recommend for hand washing.

For surface sanitization, the CDC and WHO recommend using a solution with a chlorine concentration of 1,000 mg/L. They recommend spraying the surface enough to fully wet the entire surface, and then letting it air dry. To create this solution, make one batch of chlorine (50 mL) and add it to 350 mL of plain tap water, creating a total of 400 mL of surface sanitizing solution.

What kind of battery do I need to operate the SE200 Chlorine Maker?

Any 12 volt battery over 7 amp-hours. These are typically motorcycle or car batteries and range from 7 amp-hours to 80 amp-hours (though you can find them even bigger). 

Don’t forget to buy a charger at the time that you buy the battery. Ask the store owner which charger to use with your battery.

What kind of fuse is in the fuse case on the SE200 cord?
A 5 amp fuse.
How do I know the water is safe to drink after treating it with the SE200 Chlorine Maker?
Use the chlorine test strips provided. The SE200 kit comes with 10 chlorine test strips that will help you determine if the water has a safe chlorine residual. You can use any chlorine test strips that test in a range from 0-5ppm. The target concentration range is 0.2 to 2 ppm, 30 minutes after treating water.
What do I do if my SE200 Chlorine Maker breaks?

First, check the troubling-shooting options for common issues. You may just need to charge your battery, or add more salt (the two most common problems). 

If your device still isn’t working, and you suspect it’s a manufacturer’s defect, please email global.health@cascadedesigns.com or call 1-800-531-9531. Whatever the issue is, our customer service department will help you figure out what is wrong and what to do about it.

How can I get replacement chlorine test strips?
You can use any pool chlorine test strips on the market that test a range of 0-5ppm.
Can I use wall power with the SE200 Chlorine Maker instead of a car battery?
Yes. You can purchase a power supply.
Does the SE200 Chlorine Maker come with a warranty?
Yes, it comes with a one year limited warranty that protects against manufacturer defects. If something is not working properly, MSR Global Health wants to hear about it.
What kind of water does the SE200 Chlorine Maker require?
Any water that you’re planning to drink after treatment. Start with the clearest water possible, and avoid extremely murky or sludgy water.

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