An Update on Inventory
Inventory Update

Like many manufacturers, we’re experiencing unavoidable disruptions to our supply chain coupled with increased demand for our best-in-class outdoor gear from folks looking for new socially distanced adventures. Unfortunately, that’s left some of our most popular products out of stock, which we’re genuinely bummed about. We’re doing everything we can to keep production moving, but some supply issues are simply beyond our control. If there’s a particular product that you’re really after, we encourage you to take these approaches:

Sign up for Back-in-Stock Emails

This is the best way to get notified whenever we receive new inventory. You can sign up on any product page, and we’ll send out an email any time new stock arrives.

Check Your Local Dealers

We’ve tried to keep our local stores supplied as best as possible. On every product page we have a “Find in Store” button for local inventory and a “Find Online” option for our online partners. If we’re out of stock, it’s worth a check to see if they have it.

At this time we’re unable to share updated timelines for re-stocks on specific products as things are changing quickly and unpredictably. Our customer service team is dealing with a significant backlog of questions, repairs, and warranties that are keeping them busy. As such we encourage you to hold your product availability questions so they can focus on helping others get back outside with their favorite gear!

Nina Caprez

Nina Caprez

Swiss rock climber Nina Caprez became addicted to the wild nature of mountains at 13 when she took up mountaineering. Enchanted by the act of climbing, she threw herself into every discipline of the sport—from world championship competitions, to alpine peaks, bouldering to sport climbing, and finally multipitch, where she's achieved some of the hardest routes on the planet. Today, as one of the world's best rock climbers, she holds the first female ascent of numerous routes in Europe. The big, technical climbs are those that energize her most. "Climbing should be a fun game," she contends. With her positive attitude carrying her ever upward, she stays fiercely motivated, conquering dream route after daunting dream route.


  • Free ascent of El Nino, 1000 m/13b, Yosemite Valley
  • FFA of Divine Providence, 1000 m /7b+, Mont Blanc
  • Unendliche Geschichte, 420 m, 8b+, Rätikon
  • FFA Hannibals Alptraum, 300 m, 7c, Rätikon
  • Orbayu, 550 m, 8c, Picos de Europa, 300 m, 7c, Rätikon
  • FFA Carnet d’adresse, 250 m, 8b+, Grenoble
  • FFA Silbergeier, 200 m, 8b+, Rätikon
  • FFA Carnet d’adresse, 250 m, 8b+, Grenoble
  • FFA Ali Baba, 240 m, 8a+, Aiglun
  • Hotel Supramonte, 8b, Sardinia