“Tempting Fear” – a ski film featuring Andreas Fransson

What does it mean to live life on the edge? Ski mountaineer Andreas Fransson shares his thoughts on the subject in his new film “Tempting Fear”

“Only by defying society’s expectations can you find the true uncertainty that defines adventure.” Fransson examines his perspective on the risk, euphoria and philosophy surrounding his approach to high level ski mountaineerning pursuits, describing what it’s like to take risks when death lies just one misstep away.

Few people willingly explore a mental space in which fear overwhelms all emotion. Fransson knows all too well. Over the past three years he has accomplished first descents in six countries, including the first ski descent of the south face of Denali. He also battled back to life from an accident that nearly killed him-in 2010 he broke his neck in an avalanche on the Col de l’Aiguille. Now, Fransson asks the question, “Is my craving for the objective stronger than my will to run away?”

We’re asking the same question.

How do you define your level of risk in the mountains? Share your thoughts on the new trailer, Tempting Fear and your own experiences of facing fear in the backcountry below.

Update: View the complete film here: