Flying with a Camping Stove

Flying with a camping stove takes some preparation. Don’t waste time, fuel, or lose your stove to TSA. Here are the steps to take.

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Video Tips: Using Your MSR Liquid Fuel Stove

We have covered how to choose the right fuel for your liquid fuel stove and the differences between canister stoves and liquid fuel stoves, but here we bring it back to the basics. If you are the recent owner of a MSR liquid Fuel Stove, looking into getting one, or just need a quick refresher, this is a great video to show you the basics of using your liquid fuel stove. This video teaches you how to fill your fuel bottle, what to fill it with, how to set up your stove, pump your fuel, ignite the stove safely, and optimize your stove for simmering with just a few quick tips. MSR liquid fuel stoves convert a liquid fuel into a gas for fast, efficient, and clean cooking. Important Safety Tips:…

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Ultimate Guide to Camp Coffee with Tim and Christine Connors

This week Tim and Christine Connors help you to make the perfect cup of coffee in this episode of Lipsmackin’ Campin. Try one of these tips next time you’re out in the backcountry! You can find more mouth-watering camp recipes, and invaluable information for making your next camp trip a culinary success. Just check out Tim and Christine Conners’ bestselling series of books.For more information, visit!

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Reactor Stove System—Behind the Gear:

MSR Product Manager Steve Grind answers a few questions about the design and performance of the Reactor Stove System. Who was the Reactor Stove System engineered for? The Reactor is designed for folks who are heading outside into real and often challenging mountain conditions. That means cold, windy, and often space-constrained. Whether you’re tucked into a port-a-ledge on Baffin Island, or doing an ultralight traverse of the Sierras, this is a stove that performs when most other canister stoves will not. It is certainly an elite piece of gear, but it’s also amazingly versatile for people doing more moderate activities where the weather conditions might not always cooperate. How is the Reactor different from other stove systems on the market? One of our favorite anecdotes is a story we’ve heard…

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Trail Lite Duo Cook System—Behind the Gear

Who was the Trail Lite Duo System engineered for?  A lot of folks head into the backcountry in pairs—this is a super common arrangement that we like to refer to as the “Dynamic Duo.” The Trail Lite Duo system is designed for the adventurous twosome for whom weight and space are high on the list of priorities. It is not a minimalist, bare-bones system, though. It includes luxuries like double-wall insulated mugs and deep, usable bowls. This system is designed for people who want to do some simple cooking that often involves more than simply boiling water. How is the Trail Lite Duo different from other cookware on the market? The TLD is comparable in size and weight to the GSI Dualist, but that is about where the similarities end….

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