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Larry Penberthy

The MSR newsletter was written by our founder, Larry Penberthy. Each issue contains a healthy dose of his thoughts on climbing, life and the outdoors. These opinions belong to Larry and the time period when they were written. It is important to remember that Larry’s work on safety and access issues was not the norm at the time, and was often controversial. We’re proud of his work, but those opinions no longer reflect those of MSR and are shown here for historical perspective only. Enjoy the archives.

MSR Newsletter November 1969– Contents: Ice Axe Testing Methods, Ice Axe Shaft Reinforcement, Ice Axe Shaft Replacement, MSR Snow Fluke, MSR Climbing Rope, MSR Auto-Belayer, Edmont Cold Weather Gloves, Building an Igloo….

MSR Newsletter May 1970 – Contents: Our new climbing tower, Belaying, Ice Axe Design, Test results on specific axes, MSR Ice Axe, Crampon Clogging, Avalanche, Carabiners, More on Snow Flukes, Ice Screws…

MSR Newsletter Feb 1971 – Contents: New MSR All Metal Ice Axes, Thunderbird and Eagle in self-arrest, Recreational Equipment Inc Election, New MSR 10.8mm Rope with Compatible Stiffness

MSR Newsletter August 1971 – Contents: MSR All Metal Ice Axes, Wooden Shafted Ice Axes, Helmets, Drop Tests on Snow, Why The Mountaineers?, Recreational Equipment Inc, Grain in Metal RE Crampons…

MSR Newsletter September 1975 – Contents: The Doctrine of Fairness, Lawsuit Against the Park Service, How To Prevent Blisters

MSR Newsletter Issue 16 1981 – Contents: Design for Function, The MSR Stove System, Stove Accessories, Hardware, Ice Accessories, Ice Axes, Climbing Helmet, Lithium Cells

MSR Newsletter Catalog 1990 – Contents: MSR Fuel Bottles, Alpine Cookware, XPD Cookset, StowAway Pots, Waterworks Ceramic Filter