• Model 9<sup>™</sup> Stove T-shirt
    Model 9 Stove T-shirt

    The model that launched a legacy of the world’s most trusted stoves.

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  • Thunderbird<sup>™</sup>  Ice Axe T-shirt
    Thunderbird Ice Axe T-shirt

    The tool that revolutionized ice axe design and safety.

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  • WaterWorks<sup>®</sup> T-Shirt
    WaterWorks® T-Shirt

    The filter that set new standards in backcountry water treatment.

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  • MSR<sup>®</sup> Icon T-Shirt
    MSR® Icon T-Shirt

    Stand behind Mountain Safety Research in every product category.

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  • Vintage T-Shirt
    Vintage T-Shirt

    This early logo represents MSR’s deep alpine heritage.

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  • Women’s Vintage T-Shirt
    Women’s Vintage T-Shirt

    Our Vintage logo tee in a slimmer fit.

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  • Spark T-Shirt
    Spark T-Shirt

    A simple, solid design in classic MSR red.

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  • Safety T-Shirt
    Safety T-Shirt

    Safety is our middle name.

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  • Stamp Cap
    Stamp Cap

    A trucker style cap stamped with a unique MSR badge.

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  • Logo Cap
    Logo Cap

    This minimalist design sports our iconic logo.

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  • Solid Tuque
    Solid Tuque

    A hardworking headpiece for solid days in the backcountry.

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  • Big Wall Tuque
    Big Wall Tuque

    For warmth on the wall and off.

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  • International Tuque
    International Tuque

    Push beyond the boundaries of maps and borders.

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  • Heritage Cap
  • BC Cap

Flashback: Softgood Solutions—The MSR Mountain Parka

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