• Cable Picket
    Cable Picket

    New for 2019: Permanently affixed cable increases setup speed, reliability & safety.

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  • 90 cm Snow Picket
    90 cm Snow Picket

    The professionals' choice.

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  • Striker CX 320 Probe
    Striker CX 320 Probe

    Aluminum-carbon fiber hybrid performance: the professional probe made even lighter.

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  • Striker 320 Probe
    Striker 320 Probe

    Full aluminum strength and reliability to meet the demands of guides, climbers and professionals

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  • Striker 240 Probe
    Striker 240 Probe

    Maximum stiffness and minimal weight in packable length for backcountry touring.

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  • Responder Snow Science & Rescue Shovel
    Responder Snow Science & Rescue Shovel

    Ultra-compact blade and reduced scooping angle for ultimate packability in a day pack.

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  • Operator Backcountry & Basecamp Shovel
    Operator Backcountry & Basecamp Shovel

    Maximum strength and efficiency for mountaineers, backcountry travelers and basecamp-supported missions.

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  • Basecamp Snow Shelter Saw
    Basecamp Snow Shelter Saw

    65 cm of powerful cutting efficiency for snow construction and shelter building.

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  • Beta Snow Science Saw
    Beta Snow Science Saw

    Ultralight, stainless steel professional snow science saw.

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  • Snow Fluke
    Snow Fluke

    The lightest snow fluke available.

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