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Talus™ TR-2 Trekking Poles

Talus™ TR-2 Trekking Poles

Engineered for off-piste travel and on-the-fly length adjustment.
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Backpacking, alpine trekking and arduous hiking all require surefooted stability, especially when slope angles steepen and the surface texture goes granular. You can rely on MSR’s Talus TR-2 trekking poles to support you through it all. These two-section trekking tools feature our SureLock positive-locking system, and our patent-pending Trigger Release mechanism, which allows for convenient, one-handed length adjustments and unrivaled performance in ever-changing terrain.
  • Trigger Release One-Handed Adjustment: One-handed, on-the-fly pole-length adjustments provide the fastest, easiest response for matching terrain.
  • SureLock System: Positive-locking mechanism delivers the confidence of absolute no-slip performance.
  • Ultralight Strength: Light, strong and reliable 7,000-series aerospace-grade aluminum construction.
  • Ergonomic Grip: Works with a broad range of hand sizes, and ergonomic, ventilated straps deliver breathability in warm climates.
  • Effortless Swing: Low-profile adjustment mechanism high on the pole reduces shaft weight for an effortless, all-day swing.
  Long Standard
Color Basalt Basalt
Weight (Standard) 1 lbs 6 oz 1 lbs 6 oz
Weight (Metric) 0.63 kg 0.63 kg
Length, min (Standard) 45 in 41 in
Length, min (Metric) 115 cm 105 cm
Length, max (Standard) 55 in 51 in
Length, max (Metric) 140 cm 130 cm
Collapsed length (Standard) 30.70 in 28.75 in
Collapsed length (Metric) 78 cm 73 cm
Material(s) Aluminum Aluminum
Country of Origin China China

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