• Elixir 1 Backpacking Tent
    Elixir 1 Backpacking Tent

    New for 2018: Our most livable solo backpacking tent.

    $149.95 Shop Now
  • Elixir 4 Backpacking Tent
    Elixir 4 Backpacking Tent

    Updated for 2018: Spacious backpacking tent for four plus gear.

    $299.95 Shop Now
  • WhisperLite

    The best-selling liquid-fuel stove ever made.

    $66.95 Shop Now
  • DragonFly

    Precision flame control with large-pot stability

    $104.95 Shop Now
  • AutoFlow Gravity Filter
    AutoFlow Gravity Filter

    Fast, no-pump water filtration in an ultralight system.

    $109.95 - $119.95 Shop Now
  • Rendezvous 120 Wing and 200 Wing Group Shelters
    Rendezvous 120 Wing and 200 Wing Group Shelters

    Rain and sun protection for small or large groups.

    $199.95 - $299.95 Shop Now
  • Alpine Chef's Knife
    Alpine Chef's Knife

    Our largest camp kitchen knife.

    $16.95 Shop Now
  • Alpine 4 Pot Set
    Alpine 4 Pot Set

    Our most durable group pot set.

    $59.96 Shop Now
  • Alpine 2 Pot Set
    Alpine 2 Pot Set

    Our most durable 2-person pot set engineered with stainless steel for heavy use.

    $37.46 Shop Now
  • Alpine 1-Liter Teapot
    Alpine 1-Liter Teapot

    Versatile stainless steel teapot.

    $22.46 Shop Now
  • Flex 3 Cook Set
    Flex 3 Cook Set

    Versatile, high capacity cook and eat system for three.

    $96.95 Shop Now
  • Flex 4 Cook Set
    Flex 4 Cook Set

    Our most comprehensive, high-capacity cook system for four or more.

    $119.95 Shop Now
  • Alpine™ Deluxe Kitchen Set
    Alpine™ Deluxe Kitchen Set

    Comprehensive kitchen tools for outdoor cooking.

    $41.21 Shop Now