Giving back to those giving their all: COVID-19 update
Joining Forces to Support Our Communities

Our Cascade Designs family of brands is truly inspired by the heroic efforts put forth by our communities during this crisis—from the medical responders to the grocery store employees. Resolved to help, we’ve joined forces and refocused our manufacturing muscle to assist with making protective gear. Like so many, we wish to give back to those giving their all.

100,000 Level 1 Surgical Masks

Our Seattle production team quickly shifted gears to sew medical masks in response to the shortage of PPE for health care professionals. On April 30, we met our goal of 100,000 masks! The materials were provided by Kaas Tailored and the masks have been going to 51 Providence Hospitals, as part of their 100 million mask challenge.

Safety Gowns for Firefighters

Firefighters protect our lives; we’re humbled to help protect theirs. Working with King County Emergency Management, we’re using Therm-a-Rest mattress materials to help make protective gowns for local firefighters. The durable material is easily disinfected after each call, making the gowns reusable. It also withstands the harsh environments firefighters face far better than disposable gowns.

As a family of brands, we know how critical it is to help one another. We’re grateful to be part of an incredible community of adventurers—regardless of which uniform you wear to work. From all of us at Therm-a-Rest, MSR, SealLine, Platypus and PackTowl, let's keep doing our part, so we can see each other on the trails once again.

Nina Caprez

Nina Caprez

Swiss rock climber Nina Caprez became addicted to the wild nature of mountains at 13 when she took up mountaineering. Enchanted by the act of climbing, she threw herself into every discipline of the sport—from world championship competitions, to alpine peaks, bouldering to sport climbing, and finally multipitch, where she's achieved some of the hardest routes on the planet. Today, as one of the world's best rock climbers, she holds the first female ascent of numerous routes in Europe. The big, technical climbs are those that energize her most. "Climbing should be a fun game," she contends. With her positive attitude carrying her ever upward, she stays fiercely motivated, conquering dream route after daunting dream route.


  • Free ascent of El Nino, 1000 m/13b, Yosemite Valley
  • FFA of Divine Providence, 1000 m /7b+, Mont Blanc
  • Unendliche Geschichte, 420 m, 8b+, Rätikon
  • FFA Hannibals Alptraum, 300 m, 7c, Rätikon
  • Orbayu, 550 m, 8c, Picos de Europa, 300 m, 7c, Rätikon
  • FFA Carnet d’adresse, 250 m, 8b+, Grenoble
  • FFA Silbergeier, 200 m, 8b+, Rätikon
  • FFA Carnet d’adresse, 250 m, 8b+, Grenoble
  • FFA Ali Baba, 240 m, 8a+, Aiglun
  • Hotel Supramonte, 8b, Sardinia