Away Team Bio

John Loftus

John is a photographer from Liverpool, UK and who loves nothing more than spending a night tucked away in his tent at the top of a remote mountain waiting to capture the stars if the sky is clear or the sunrise in the morning if he doesn't snooze his alarm! The mountains are where he feels most alive, and he loves to capture images from his travels to inspire others to get out and experience the beauty of the great outdoors.

Essential Gear

I own a whole bunch of MSR gear from stoves to tents but my all-time favorite is my Access 2 Two-Person Tent, never lets me down and is a strong yet lightweight shelter.

Your favorite place to spend a day?

I’ve been lucky enough to visit some great locations over the years from the Dolomites in Italy, the Swiss Alps, exploring Iceland and tours of Scotland but my favorite place has to be the Ogwen Valley in Snowdonia. It's the place I visit most and have spent countless nights under the stars there, it's the place I have gained most experience in the hills and it's a place I never get bored of.