It depends on your cooking preferences. The new remote-canister stove offers greater versatility because it provides the ability to cook with the larger WindBurner pots. If you plan to cook for groups or make more elaborate meals in the backcountry, the new remote-canister stove is your ticket. It comes in the new Duo System, the Group System and the Combo System.
If you simply want to boil water fast, and your party size is typically only 1-3 people, the 1.0 L Personal System or the first-generation 1.8 L System (which feature the top-mounted stove) remain great options.
Yes. All WindBurner pots are compatible with the new remote-canister stove design.
It’s fast but not any faster than the original top-mounted stove. Both WindBurner stove designs offer the same exceptionally fast boil times.
Yes. The remote-canister is impressively compact and perfectly nests inside the 1.0 L pot with a 4 oz IsoPro™ fuel canister.
No. The remote-canister stove is included in the Duo System, Group System and Combo System. It will not be sold separately.

Remember, each WindBurner stove system is just that—a system, which requires its unique radiant burner and its specially engineered pot. Only WindBurner pots may be used on the WindBurner stoves.
No. The boil times of the systems depend on the pot being used.

Because the pot you use is important to how your meal is prepared, we’ve engineered the pots for specific purposes:

The Personal System, Duo System and the Stock Pot deliver the fastest boil times, and are built to be primarily water-boilers. They feature a powerful built-in heat exchanger that maximizes the heat that’s transferred to the pot.

The Group System is engineered for cooking real meals, offering sautéing and simmering capabilities. Therefore, its 2.5 L pot is designed to disperse the heat evenly, so as not to scorch your food.