Frequently Asked Questions

How do I dry my MSR reservoir?
MSR reservoirs are easily dried. Prop them open with a spoon or other utensil to let them air dry. Alternately, hang them on a plastic bag dryer, widely available at kitchen supply stores and numerous online retailers.
How do I freeze my MSR reservoir?
A frozen reservoir makes a great ice pack and, during the dog days of summer, delivers a steady source of cold, refreshing hydration. Lay your reservoir half-full on its side in the freezer with all air purged. Do not over-fill. Water expands as it freezes and this can burst your reservoir.
How do I clean my MSR reservoir?
Use hot, soapy water and rinse thoroughly with hot water. For tough cleaning jobs, add 1/4 cup of baking soda to 3/4 cup of water per liter and shake for 30 seconds. Add 1/4 cup lemon juice and wait a moment for the effervescence to subside. Shake 10 seconds and vent by loosening cap away from face. Repeat shaking and venting three times. Expel as much air as possible, cap bottle, and allow to soak 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with hot water. Caution: When adding lemon juice to baking soda, effervescence occurs and will cause pressure to build inside your reservoir. Vent often.
How do I disinfect my MSR reservoir?
To disinfect, add one ounce of unscented household bleach (such as Clorox Regular or Clorox Ultra) to one liter of clean water. Mix for 10 seconds. Fill drinking tube with solution and leave overnight. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.
My bite valve comes off too easily. What should I do?
The best way to restore a snug fit between the bite valve and the drinking tube is to remove the bite valve from the drinking tube. Next, cut a small section off the end of the drinking tube. Clean the bite valve and drink tube with rubbing alcohol, lick the end of the drinking tube and place the bite valve back on the end. After it dries, there should be an excellent seal.
How do I prevent the water in my hydration system from freezing in cold weather?

To help keep drink tubes and bite valves from freezing up, sip often to maintain flow, then blow any residual water back into the reservoir after you’ve finished drinking. It helps to squeeze the bite valve momentarily to remove any last drops. Using our Bite Valve & Drink Tube Insulator deters freezing, too.

Also, even if you are using the Bite Valve & Drink Tube Insulator, it still helps to keep as much of the drinking tube covered as possible, such as routing it inside a pack, strap, or jacket. You can also start off the day with warm or hot water in the reservoir, packing any extra clothing layers around it.

Is there a way to filter into my reservoir without removing it from my pack?
Yes. Simply remove your bite valve and connect the end of your hose directly to your filtration system’s outflow port. This method is compatible with all MSR® filters. Using an AutoFlow filter system, this method creates one of the lightest, most compact and efficient means possible of getting water.
My water sloshes around in my reservoir when riding or running. Can I make it stop?
Absolutely. Simply turn your reservoir upside down after filling it. Then simultaneously squeeze the reservoir and the bite valve to purge all the air. This will eliminate sloshing.