• Evo™ Snowshoe Kit
    Evo™ Snowshoe Kit

    Complete kit featuring our best-selling snowshoes, high-strength poles and a carry pack, all to get you out and into winter.

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  • Lightning Explore Snowshoes
    Lightning Explore Snowshoes

    Ultralight performance meets all-day comfort.

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  • Women’s Lightning Explore Snowshoes
    Women’s Lightning Explore Snowshoes

    Advanced snowshoeing efficiency and comfort, engineered for a narrow gait.

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  • Lightning Trail Snowshoes
    Lightning Trail Snowshoes

    Ultralight efficiency and adaptability over rolling terrain.

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  • Women's Lightning Trail Snowshoes
    Women's Lightning Trail Snowshoes

    Our lightest snowshoes, engineered for a narrow gait.

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  • Revo Explore Snowshoes
    Revo Explore Snowshoes

    Rugged durability and the exceptional comfort and ease of use that long hikes demand.

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  • Women’s Revo Explore Snowshoes
    Women’s Revo Explore Snowshoes

    Same supreme durability with better agility for those with a narrow stride.

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  • Revo Trail Snowshoes
    Revo Trail Snowshoes

    All-condition durability and essential security to tackle flat or rolling terrain.

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  • Women’s Revo Trail Snowshoes
    Women’s Revo Trail Snowshoes

    All-condition durability, with a slimmed-up profile for agility with a narrow stride.

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  • Evo Trail Snowshoes
    Evo Trail Snowshoes

    Legendary dependability built for the trail.

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  • Tyker Kids Snowshoes
    Tyker Kids Snowshoes

    Durable, easy-to-use snowshoes for kids.

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  • Shift Youth Snowshoes
    Shift Youth Snowshoes

    Delivering premium performance to young adventurers.

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  • Snowshoe Bag
    Snowshoe Bag


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  • Lightning Tails
    Lightning Tails


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  • Revo Tails
    Revo Tails


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  • Evo Tails
    Evo Tails


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