• Pika™ 1 L Teapot
    Pika™ 1 L Teapot

    New for 2019: Ultralight, compact teapot with precise pour for coffee, tea & water-based meals.

    $24.95 Shop Now
  • Trail Mini Duo Cook Set
    Trail Mini Duo Cook Set

    The ultimate space-maximizing minimalist cook set for two backpackers.

    $49.95 Shop Now
  • Trail Mini Solo Cook Set
    Trail Mini Solo Cook Set

    Our smallest and lightest ultra pack-efficient cook set for soloists.

    $39.95 Shop Now
  • Big Titan Kettle
    Big Titan Kettle

    2 liter ultralight titanium kettle for higher-volume duties.

    $99.95 Shop Now
  • Titan Kettle
    Titan Kettle

    Ultralight titanium with pot, mug, or bowl versatility.

    $59.95 Shop Now
  • Titan 2 Pot Set
    Titan 2 Pot Set

    Ultralight, minimalist titanium pot set for two.

    $149.95 Shop Now
  • Titan Cup
    Titan Cup

    Ultralight titanium durability.

    $39.95 Shop Now
  • Trail Lite Duo Cook Set
    Trail Lite Duo Cook Set

    Light and compact two-person cook set.

    $69.95 Shop Now
  • Trail Lite Solo Cook Set
    Trail Lite Solo Cook Set

    Light and compact cook set engineered for solo backpackers.

    $59.95 Shop Now
  • Alpinist 2 Cook Set
    Alpinist 2 Cook Set

    Single pot, 2-person cook system.

    $89.95 Shop Now
  • Quick 2 System
    Quick 2 System

    Two-person, two-pot cook and eat system.

    $99.95 Shop Now
  • Flex<sup>™</sup> 3 System
    Flex 3 System

    Versatile, high capacity cook and eat system for three.

    $129.95 Shop Now
  • Flex 4 Cook Set
    Flex 4 Cook Set

    Our most comprehensive, high-capacity cook system for four or more.

    $159.95 Shop Now
  • Ceramic Solo Pot
    Ceramic Solo Pot

    1.3 L aluminum pot with ceramic nonstick surface.

    $59.95 Shop Now
  • Ceramic 2.5 Liter Pot
    Ceramic 2.5 Liter Pot

    2-3 person aluminum pot with ceramic nonstick surface.

    $64.95 Shop Now
  • Ceramic 2-Pot Set
    Ceramic 2-Pot Set

    Premium nonstick performance in a two-pot set.

    $79.95 Shop Now
  • Ceramic Flex Skillet
    Ceramic Flex Skillet

    Premium nonstick performance for gourmet cooking.

    $39.95 Shop Now
  • Quick  Skillet
    Quick Skillet

    Nonstick, hard-anodized aluminum skillet.

    $29.95 Shop Now
  • Alpine 2 Pot Set
    Alpine 2 Pot Set

    Our most durable 2-person pot set engineered with stainless steel for heavy use.

    $49.95 Shop Now
  • Alpine 4 Pot Set
    Alpine 4 Pot Set

    Our most durable group pot set.

    $79.95 Shop Now
  • Alpine Stowaway Pots
    Alpine Stowaway Pots

    Durable stainless steel pots.

    $15.95 - $24.95 Shop Now
  • Alpine 1-Liter Teapot
    Alpine 1-Liter Teapot

    Versatile stainless steel teapot.

    $20.95 Shop Now
  • Alpine Fry Pan
    Alpine Fry Pan

    More than just your average backcountry fry pan.

    $29.95 Shop Now
  • Alpine Nesting Bowl
    Alpine Nesting Bowl

    Rugged stainless steel construction.

    $7.95 Shop Now
  • Alpine Plate
    Alpine Plate

    Rugged yet lightweight stainless steel plate.

    $9.95 Shop Now
  • Alpine Tool Spoon
    Alpine Tool Spoon

    Spoon and stove maintenance tool in one.

    $6.95 Shop Now
  • Alpine Long Tool Spoon
    Alpine Long Tool Spoon

    Extra-long spoon with integrated stove maintenance tool.

    $9.95 Shop Now
  • Alpine Tool Fork
    Alpine Tool Fork

    Fork and stove maintenance tool in one.

    $6.95 Shop Now
  • Folding Utensils
    Folding Utensils

    Light, collapsible eating utensils.

    $3.95 - $12.95 Shop Now
  • DeepDishware Plates
    DeepDishware Plates

    Wide plates that double as bowls and nest with our pots. Multiple color options.

    $5.95 - $7.95 Shop Now
  • DeepDishware Bowls
    DeepDishware Bowls

    Nests with our Trail Lite Duo Cook Set. Also fits neatly outside Reactor 1.7 L Pot

    $4.95 Shop Now
  • 2 Person Mess Kit
    2 Person Mess Kit

    New: Complete backpacker’s mess kit for two.

    $34.95 Shop Now
  • Heat Exchanger
    Heat Exchanger

    Efficiency booster for MSR® pots

    $39.95 Shop Now
  • PanHandler

    Our most versatile pot grip

    $9.95 Shop Now
  • LiteLifter

    Ultralight and secure pot grip.

    $14.95 Shop Now
  • Titan Tool Spoon
    Titan Tool Spoon

    Ultralight spoon/stove maintenance tool.

    $16.95 Shop Now
  • Titan Fork and Spoon
    Titan Fork and Spoon

    Ultralight titanium utensil set.

    $19.95 Shop Now
  • Alpine™ Deluxe Kitchen Set
    Alpine™ Deluxe Kitchen Set

    Comprehensive kitchen tools for outdoor cooking.

    $54.95 Shop Now
  • Ultralight Kitchen Set
    Ultralight Kitchen Set

    New: Lightweight kitchen set filled with essentials.

    $24.95 Shop Now
  • Alpine Kitchen Knife
    Alpine Kitchen Knife

    All-purpose kitchen utility knife.

    $9.95 Shop Now
  • Alpine Chef's Knife
    Alpine Chef's Knife

    Our largest camp kitchen knife.

    $16.95 Shop Now
  • Trail Lite Duo Coffee Press
    Trail Lite Duo Coffee Press

    Trail Lite Duo Coffee Press

    $11.95 Shop Now
  • MugMate Coffee/Tea Filter
    MugMate Coffee/Tea Filter

    Reusable coffee/loose tea filter.

    $16.95 Shop Now
  • Alpine Salt & Pepper Shaker
    Alpine Salt & Pepper Shaker

    Moisture-resistant seasoning shaker.

    $5.95 Shop Now
  • Alpine Spice Shaker
    Alpine Spice Shaker

    Moisture-resistant spice shaker.

    $4.95 Shop Now
  • Alpine Utensils
    Alpine Utensils

    Multi-function Folding Utensils

    $5.95 - $16.95 Shop Now
  • Alpine Dish Brush/Scraper
    Alpine Dish Brush/Scraper

    Nonstick-friendly dish/pot cleaner.

    $4.95 Shop Now
  • Alpine Deluxe Cutting Board
    Alpine Deluxe Cutting Board

    Our strongest cutting board.

    $7.95 Shop Now