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Like many manufacturers, we’re experiencing unavoidable disruptions to our supply chain coupled with increased demand for our best-in-class outdoor gear from folks looking for new socially distanced adventures. Unfortunately, that’s left some of our most popular products out of stock, which we’re genuinely bummed about. We’re doing everything we can to keep production moving, but some supply issues are simply beyond our control. If there’s a particular product that you’re really after, we encourage you to take these approaches:

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Popote Trail Mini™ Solo

La plus petite et la plus légère de nos popotes ne prend pas de place dans le sac des randonneurs en solo.
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Pas plus encombrante qu’un grand gobelet, la popote Trail Mini Solo propose l’essentiel dont vous avez besoin pour vous alimenter — le tout dans un kit qui se fait tout petit dans votre sac. Sa taille est parfaite pour faire bouillir de l’eau pour un repas lyophilisé ou pour un bon bol de café. La casserole fait double office, pour préparer et consommer nourriture et boisson. Vous pouvez y imbriquer le réchaud PocketRocket® 2 et une cartouche de combustible de 12 cl (4 oz) de

    Petit volume: efficace, elle peut contenir un réchaud PocketRocket 2 et une cartouche de combustible de 12 cl (4 oz), pour une popote complète qui prend peu de place dans le sac.

    seulement 203 g (7.2 oz), pour alléger votre sac.


    Robuste: casserole en aluminium anodisé dur solide, et couvercle et bol en polypropylène.

    Polyvalence: la poignée isotherme de la casserole permet de s’en servir pour manger et boire; le couvercle sert de passoire; le bol résiste au chaud et au froid.


    Comprend: casserole en aluminium anodisé dur 0,75 l, bol 47 cl (16 oz)*, couvercle passoire transparent*, poignée ultralégère, sac de rangement. Le réchaud PocketRocket 2 et une cartouche de combustible 12 cl (4 oz) IsoPro™ (vendus séparément) peuvent s’imbriquer à l’intérieur.



.8 LTR
7.29 oz
0.21 kg
4 in
10.2 cm
4.8 in
12.2 cm
Aluminum / Plastic
Made in Korea
10.2 cm
4 in
What are the properties of titanium vs. aluminum vs. stainless steel?

Aluminum is the cookware of choice for all-around backcountry use. It conducts heat evenly, is easy to clean when hard anodized and even easier when coated with a nonstick finish. It is also extremely efficient. 

Stainless steel is very durable; perfect for when your pots take a lot of abuse. It lies somewhere between aluminum and titanium in terms of its cooking ability/suitability. 

Titanium cookware's biggest advantage is its light weight. Titanium pots are ideal for boiling water, because they can be made with very thin walls and transfer heat very efficiently. They tend to develop hot spots, however, making them less than ideal for cooking temperature-sensitive foods like eggs or pancakes. 

Cookware's efficiency is also dependent on its color and material. Our testing has found that darker pots (esp. the bottom) are the most fuel efficient. Older cookware, which blackens through use, becomes more efficient than new cookware.

Will my MSR stove fit into my MSR cookset?

The SimmerLite™, WindPro™, Pocket Rocket™, and SuperFly™ stoves are small enough to fit in an MSR 1-liter pot. All other MSR stoves with a flexible fuel line will fit into all MSR cooksets that are 1.5 liters or larger, except the DragonFly™ stove which fits in a 2L pot or larger. The older MSR XGK™ stoves will not fit inside a cookset because of their rigid fuel line. However the stove and fuel bottle will fit nicely in the side pocket of most backpacks.

Why do MSR Alpine Pot Set lids have tabs on the sides?

Original MSR Alpine cooksets were sold with a strap to hold them together, rather than a stuff sack. When we designed the MSR Panhandler™ pot lifter, we did it with two upright tabs on the top of the pot lifter, which allow you to lift your pot lid by this tab. Our latest cookware has an attachment on the side that accepts our new, quick-release Talon™ pot handle, eliminating scratches on the inside of nonstick cookware while providing a secure, no-squeeze grip. It also folds to lock nested sets together.

Can I use my cookware directly on a fire?

Stainless steel and titanium pots may be used over open fire—with caution. You should expect some soot, and if you place the pot in too hot of an environment, some warping.

We do not recommend use of our aluminum cookware over open fire because they feature some plastic parts that will melt.

What's the best way to wash MSR cookware?

All components except aluminum cookware are dishwasher safe. We recommend using a liquid detergent. Aluminum cookware should be hand-washed to prevent damage to the cookware’s surface.

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