Away Team Bio

Jill Wheatley

Jill has been adventuring in the outdoors her entire life, specifically in massifs around the world since 2017. Through mountain running, skiing and climbing, she embraces the 30% eyesight she still has and the life she nearly lost as the result of a traumatic brain injury. After more than 2 stormy years in a constant climb, 7 hospitals in 3 countries, she began to see a shimmer of light shining through my hospital room window from the Colorado Rockies: a spark of inspiration. From Andorra to Argentina, New Zealand to Nepal, from Peru to Patagonia and the Pyrenees, Italy, Iceland, and India, from the Andes to the Annapurnas, from tales of getting lost to finding herself running ridges and climbing up craters and deep in crevasse in lands of fire and ice. Currently in Nepal's Himalayas, she has just climbed Manaslu (8,163 m), the world’s 8th highest peak. Next she’ll be in Himlung (7,126m) to train for more 8,000-meter climbs in 2022.

Essential Gear

Tell us about your passion for the outdoors. Any good mishaps?

All my childhood memories have roots in the great outdoors. Campfires and crayfish, tents and trails, feeding ducks and casting off the dock in summer and building forts in the heaps of snow in winter. I grew up in a full snowsuit onesie six months of the year and was covered in mosquito repellent during the other six. My first wilderness mishap had every good intention, yet I learned quickly that peanut butter can choke a squirrel.