Away Team Bio

Ewa Kalisiewicz

Ewa is an airline industry professional during the week and a mountain go-getter at the weekend. She started spending more time in the mountains as she became more experienced in wingsuit BASE jumping, which led her to discover more technical alpine routes and fall in love with mountaineering. She spends nearly all her free time either in the mountains or at least planning the next mountain trip!

Essential Gear

  • Elixir 2 Backpacking Tent: it’s a super lightweight tent that has been perfect for various trips in Africa—this would be my favorite bit of gear I own.
  • WhisperLite International Stove: is great for when we are in remote countries with no access to white gas yet amazing that it can be converted back for when we’re home in Europe.

Your most embarrassing backcountry moment:

After an exhausting climb on Aiguille du Moine on the Mont Blanc massif, I returned via the refuge and managed to accidentally swap my boots for… someone else’s, wondering the whole way down why they fit so much better. Even worse is that they belonged to the refuge guardian and they had to be sent back up via helicopter!