Water Treatment 101: Demystifying Backflushing

Just about every water filter out there requires you to clean its filter cartridge after a certain number of liters in order to restore its flow rate, and to help extend the lifespan of the filter. One way to do this is through the act of backflushing—required for the MSR AutoFlow and HyperFlow microfilters. While the process might sound intimidating, we’re here to debunk that myth and show you just how quick and easy backflushing can be in the field—no tools required. Giving your water filter a quick backflush will keep it running at its optimal rate, and ultimately save you time when it comes to treating your water each day on a trip.

What backflushing does:

The AutoFlow and HyperFlow microfilters use hollow fiber technology to filter your water. As the water flows through these fibers’ walls, the contaminates are caught and trapped inside. Backflushing dislodges and discards these contaminants from inside the fibers, allowing the water to flow freely again. It’s especially important to backflush if you’re filtering water from cloudy or tea-colored sources, as the particulates can build up quickly.

Learn how to backflush your AutoFlow or Hyperflow microfilter, as we walk you through the simple steps in these videos.