Video Tips: Using Your MSR Liquid Fuel Stove

We have covered how to choose the right fuel for your liquid fuel stove and the differences between canister stoves and liquid fuel stoves, but here we bring it back to the basics. If you are the recent owner of a MSR liquid Fuel Stove, looking into getting one, or just need a quick refresher, this is a great video to show you the basics of using your liquid fuel stove. This video teaches you how to fill your fuel bottle, what to fill it with, how to set up your stove, pump your fuel, ignite the stove safely, and optimize your stove for simmering with just a few quick tips. MSR liquid fuel stoves convert a liquid fuel into a gas for fast, efficient, and clean cooking. Important Safety Tips:…

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MSR Backcountry Cafe: Romanian Stir Fry

Story and Photos By Tara Alan  A few years ago, my husband Tyler and I were bicycle touring in Romania. We’d just pedaled through the gypsy village of Glod when we decided to free-camp for the night, stopping to set up our tent in an idyllic, secluded forest on a hilltop high above the town. Tall trees towered above us as we made our home for the night. Tyler got a fire going, while I set about making a tasty supper to satisfy our ravenous appetites. Despite the fact that we were deep in the heart of Eastern Europe and I should have been craving cabbage rolls and hearty Romanian soups, all I wanted was food like I’d find in a Chinese restaurant back home. And thus, I decided to concoct…

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Camp Cooking 101 with Tim and Christine Conners

   It’s here! We’re excited to be a part of this camp cooking series. In this episode of Lipsmackin’ Campin, Tim and Christine Conners cover the basics of camp cooking. It’s possible to be a master chef on the trail—all you need is a review of the basics, and a little up-front planning! You can find more mouth-watering camp recipes, and invaluable information for making your next camp trip a culinary success. Just check out Tim and Christine Conners’ bestselling series of books.For more information, visit!

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New Video Alert! MSR Stoves: Liquid Feed Mode

Did you know that a MSR Whisperlite Universal or WindPro II stove can operate on canister fuel in liquid form? This allows the stove to perform much better in cold conditions and maintain higher fuel pressures over the life of the canister. Take a look at the new video above and see how it’s done. For more information on what fuel to use with your MSR stove.

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Liquid Fuel Stoves 101: Choosing the Right Fuel for Your Liquid Fuel Stove

By Steve Grind, Product Manager MSR Stoves & Cookware Despite the popularity of small, canister-fuel stoves, liquid fuels are still the best option for many people due to their unrivaled cold weather performance, low cost, lower environmental impact, and worldwide availability. But which of the many liquid fuels should you use?  If you have a multi-fuel stove like the MSR XGK-EX, DragonFly, or WhisperLite Universal, you have several fuel options to choose from.  Depending on where in the world you plan to use your stove, the options may vary from what you’re used to at home. Here, we’ll give you the pros and cons of the most common liquid fuels.

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OutWild TV reviews the Reactor Stove System

OutWildTV gives a great review of the MSR reactor stove system on their website. They say the stove “is at the top of the pack in head to head comparisons with the competition”. And if speed, storage, and efficiency are things that you want in a stove system, then this is the one for you. Read more about the Reactor Stove System here:

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