MSR’s 2018 Gear Offers More than Meets the Eye

Versatility is a big theme of this year’s new gear lineup. That’s because adventurers are doing more than ever before in the backcountry—from bikepacking and trail running to multisport weekends—and today’s gear needs to keep up. MSR’s engineers anticipated these needs and obsessed over them. That’s why for 2018, their solutions answer the call of multifunctional performance—all without sacrificing the ultimate reliability you expect from MSR.

MSR 2018 Gear


This year, the WindBurner collection expands with larger systems and accessory pots designed for groups and gourmet cooking. Now, you can truly do it all with your windproof cook system—from fast-and-light solo missions to group feasts with friends. The new systems feature a unique remote-canister stove, which offers greater stability with the larger pots. All WindBurner pots fit this new stove design, allowing you to mix and match pots to meet your needs for each trip. All this versatility means you now get the fast, efficient reliability of WindBurner technology for virtually any type of adventure!


MSR WindBurner Duo System

2.5 L WindBurner Group System

MSR WindBurner Group Stove System

WindBurner Combo System

MSR WindBurner Stove System Combo

4.5 L WindBurner Stock Pot

MSR WindBurner Stock Pot

Trail Base™ Water Filter Kit

MSR Trail Base Water Filter Kit

You want gravity filtration at camp and a fast-and-light filter for the trail? Done. The Trail Base Water Filter Kit has you covered. Reinventing what a gravity system could be, the Trail Base’s filter component can be removed from the system and act as a standalone ultralight filter on fast-paced activities, like trail running, biking and hiking. When it’s time to filter larger volumes at camp, simply connect the filter back into the gravity components to create a complete pump-free system. Add in its clean water reservoir and this ultra-versatile kit truly adapts to your water filtration needs.

Hubba™ Tour Tents

photo: Bike Studio

Adventure touring redefines the art of long-term roughing it. For those who take to the backroads, backwoods and back waters for weeks to months at a time, we built the Hubba Tour adventure touring tent. The tent’s massive vestibule lets you store loads of gear and prep for the day’s journey. Because you’ll likely be camping in foul weather at some point, the tent body is attached to the rainfly, keeping it dry during setup. And, the Hubba Tour boasts our new Xtreme Shield waterproof coating for extra long-lastingweather protection. All that space and protection means you’ll live in comfort all along your journey, day after day… after day.

MSR Hubba Tour 2

Trail Mini™ Cook Sets

Fast-and-light fanatics get it: “Nothing that’s not needed.” To satisfy those demands, our new Trail Mini cook sets capitalize on their efficient designs and multifunctional capabilities. Sized just big enough to boil water for one or two pouch meals (or cups of coffee), they play double duty as your pot and eating/drinking vessel—saving precious space in your pack. Their extra bowl comes at no packing penalty (or leave it behind to shed weight). Add a 4 oz or 8 oz fuel canister and a PocketRocket 2 stove inside and you’ve got a complete cook-and-eat ally on everything from alpine objectives to bikepacking missions.

Estimated Arrival Date: March 1st, 2018

Trail Mini™ Duo

MSR Trail Mini Duo

Trail Mini™ Solo

MSR Trail Mini Solo



PocketRocket® 2 Mini Stove Kit

This complete kit comes with the stove for a grab-and-go solution that slips easily into small packs. Delivering big performance, the tiny PocketRocket 2 stove is fast—boiling 1 liter in just 3.5 minutes. And the small pot is sized perfectly for one pouch meal or cup of coffee, making this the ultimate space-maximizing kit for solo backpacking minimalists.

Estimated Arrival Date: March 1st, 2018 MSR PocketRocket 2 Mini Stove Kit

MiniWorks® EX Purifier System

The MiniWorks microfilter has been a worldwide best-selling filter for decades. In this new combo, we’ve added Aquatabs purification tablets to provide the viral protection you need in popular wilderness areas and developing countries. Together, the two defenses offer the versatility to backpack both home and abroad with full protection. In addition, the Miniworks features a carbon core that reduces bad tastes and odors. Rugged, reliable and now bolstered with viral defense, this MiniWorks Purifier System will keep you hydrated virtually anywhere on earth.

 MSR MiniWorks EX Purifier System

Elixir™ 1 Tent

Our Elixir series of tents are arguably MSR’s most livable tents, offering a spacious floor plan and an excellent balance of ventilation, warmth and privacy. The new Elixir 1 model brings that performance to solo backpackers seeking an easy to assemble tent at a great value.

For 2018, we’ve also enhanced all Elixir models with larger vestibules, glow-in-the-dark zippers, and detailing that makes them easier to pitch.

 MSR Elixir 1

GuideLine Pro™ 2 Tent

To meet the needs of guides and outfitters, particularly those in brutal desert environments, we built the GuideLine Pro™ 2 Tent. This shelter is tough. So robust in fact, it’s designed to last up to 3 times longer than average backpacking tents. For the durability that makes guides happy, it features extra-sturdy geometry, Easton® Syclone™ poles and the ultra-durable Xtreme Shield waterproof coating. To keep clients comfortable, it features a roomy interior and fully sealable window panels for both ventilation and protection against wind, sand and snow.

MSR GuideLine Pro 2

Let us know what you think about MSR’s new lineup of products! And happy adventuring. We’ll see you on the trails.