MSR Cable Picket: How to Build a Snow Anchor


Cable Picket Video

Glance at a mountaineer’s backpack and you’ll likely see an MSR snow picket attached to the outside. For decades, this simple, well-engineered snow anchor has been the gold standard for professional and recreationalist mountaineers worldwide.

Long used by guiding operations, the MSR picket uses a T-beam shape for superior strength and is built of light yet durable aircraft-grade aluminum.

Recently however, guides began seeking greater efficiency from their pickets in order to build their snow anchors faster during glacier travel and crevasse rescue. Thus, the MSR Cable Picket was born.

The addition of the steel cable increases the speed and safety of your anchor set up. As it cuts through the snow, the cable leaves the snow undisturbed, creating a far more reliable hold. Whether you’re setting it vertically for a fixed line or as a deadman anchor during crevasse rescue, a strong, reliable hold is critical. We worked directly with the American Mountain Guides Association to refine the picket’s design.

See how we’ve enhanced this legendary piece of mountaineering gear. Plus, learn how to properly build a solid snow anchor from an AMGA guide in the field.

MSR Cable Picket