Best Gifts for the Outdoors Under 1 Pound

Gearheads can be hard to shop for (speaking for the many gearheads at MSR, including myself). But generally, if you choose a gear gift that’s light and high-quality you’ll hit a home run. We wanted to make your holiday shopping as easy as possible this year, so we’ve compiled a list of all our favorite gear that’s under a pound and sure to delight even the most discerning of outdoorspeople.

  1. E-Bivy™
    • Minimum Weight: 6 oz.
    • Price: $199.95

The E-Bivy is some people’s emergency plan and other people’s shelter of choice—we’re here for both. Tiny enough to throw in any pack and weather-resistant for protection when you need it, the E-Bivy is a great gift for everyone who spends time in the backcountry.

  1. Thru-Hiker 70 Wing
    • Minimum Weight: 12 oz.
    • Price: $189.95

Whether you use it alone or with one of our Mesh House shelters (all also under 1 lb.), the Thru-Hiker 70 Wing provides solid weather protection without tipping the scales. Offering protection for two or three cozily, this tarp proves that simple is often best.


  1. LowDown™ Remote Stove Adapter
    • Minimum Weight: 6.2 oz.
    • Price: $49.95

The LowDown is like a magic trick in gear form. It lowers tall system stoves to make them more stable, and is perfect for helping small stoves like the PocketRocket hold larger pots. Basically, it lets your current camp stove do it all without having to own multiple options. Pretty cool, right?

  1. PocketRocket® Deluxe Stove Kit 
    • Minimum Weight: 13.1 oz.
    • Price: $124.95

This compact little stove kit just keeps on giving. Start with the stove: the PocketRocket Deluxe (also available on its own if they don’t need the set) is an impressive little thing, with a wide burner head, a built-in piezo push-button igniter and a pressure regular for excellent performance in cold weather, all at a measly 2.9 oz. The 1.2-liter cook pot is large enough for two people, ideal for boiling water for dehydrated meals or coffee and has a strainer lid and a pot lifter to keep fingers safe. Finally, the bowl nests outside the pot for a perfectly tidy little package that is everything you need in camp. What’s not to love?

  1. Windburner® Personal Stove System
    • Minimum Weight: 15.3 oz.
    • Price: $169.95

The Windburner stands tall among stove systems for its incredibly efficient design, radiant burner and pressure regulator, which allow it to boil water fast regardless of the conditions. If you’re used to being disappointed by other stove systems, give this one a try and be prepared to fall in love. Bonus: its an MSR stove, which means it will last for years and years.
Trail Mini Duo

  1. Trail Mini™ Solo and Trail Mini™ Duo Cooksets
    • Minimum Weight: 7.2-10.2 oz.
    • Price: $44.95-$54.95

Efficiency and space savings are the name of the game with the Trail Mini cooksets, which are sized perfectly for solo adventurers or teams of two. From the strainer lid to the bowl that nests outside the lightweight pot, each component was designed to provide everything you need and nothing you don’t. The solo pot fits a 4 oz. IsoPro™ fuel canister and PocketRocket stove inside; the Duo fits an 8 oz. canister and stove.

  1. Pika™ Teapot
    • Minimum Weight: 5.2 oz.
    • Price: $29.95

If you’ve ever heard the call of the small but mighty pika, that adorable rodent of the alpine, you’ll know why we named our teapot after them. Barely tipping the scales yet offering performance well above its fighting weight, the Pika features a no-drip spout ideal for peakside pourovers or precise dehdrated meal bag filling. The innovative lid stas secure when tipped but lifts off easily when flat, and the diminutive PocketRocket stove nests perfectly inside. Thrill your mountain coffee or tea lover with a complete trailside brewing kit: the Pika teapot, the MugMate filter and an ultralight Titan cup.

  1. DromLite™ Water Storage Bags
    • Minimum Weight: 2L – 4.6 oz./ 4L – 5.1 oz./ 6L – 5.7 oz.
    • Price: $32.95-$42.95

Water is the definition of essential on any adventure. Sometimes it’s everywhere and you can carry a half liter at a time. And sometimes it’s not, meaning you have to carry what you need. Enter the water storage bag: a large, packable vessel that makes longer trips in dry regions possible. The BPA-free DromLite bags are super light and pack down to nothing when empty. The three-way lid makes filling, pouring and drinking simple. With three sizes to choose from, it’s hard to justify not taking one along anywhere you roam.

  1. Dromedary™ Water Storage Bags
    • Minimum Weight: 4L – 6.9 oz., 6L – 8.7 oz., 10L – 10 oz.
    • Price: $44.95-$54.95

The Dromedary is the even more rugged cousin of the DromLite. Made for places with spikey plants, sharp rocks and all other manner of puncture-happy outdoor elements, the abrasion-resistant 1,000-denier can even hold freezing or boiling water. That’s right, tough inside and out. And they feature the same awesome three-in-one cap as the DromLite for easy access to that live-giving H2O.

  1. TrailShot™ Water Filter
    • Minimum Weight: 5 oz.
    • Price: $54.95

The TrailShot might look like a creature from the deep ocean, but really it’s your new best trail friend. From trail running to mountain biking, it excels at moving fast on mountain trails when a swift drink at a running stream is the most time you have to spare for hydration. The one-handed squeeze pump filters a liter in 60 seconds and packs down so small you can carry it in a running vest.
Assorted MSR Cookware Under 1 Pound

  1. All manner of kitchen and cookware items

Every cook has different needs, and our camp kitchen products cover the range. From ultralight titanium pots and utensils to nonstick ceramic skillets and spice shakers, you’ll find the perfect gift for the trailside chef in your life, all under a pound so they can carry in all the heavy ingredients they want (lucky you!).


If your gift list isn’t limited to 16 ounces or less, check out all the other epic, awesome and otherwise adventure-inspiring gear in our Gift Guide below. Happy holidays!

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