Dani Arnold

The speed at which Dani Arnold climbs the world's most formidable peaks puts him in an echelon few climbers will ever know. Young, powerful and precise, the Swiss alpinist has a remarkable tick-list of fastest ascents, including the Eiger North Face (2 hr 28 min), the Matterhorn (1 hr 46 min), and the Crack Baby ice climb in Switzerland (IV WI 6, 27 min 13 s). At home in a cold vertical world, Dani was raised in the Alps and acquired a fascination for towering peaks as child taking the cable car to school. Today, his life revolves around climbing, which leaves little time for much else. Still, he keeps a solid perspective, enjoying the "friendly competition" of mountain climbing and the pure joy he says it brings him.


  • Eiger North Face Speed
  • Matterhorn Northface Speed
  • Beta Block Super WI 7, Free Solo Speed
  • Anubis, Scotland XII / 12
  • Carlesso, Dolomites Free Solo Speed
  • Crack Baby Free Solo Speed
  • Alaska, first ascent "Bird of Pray" with David Lama
  • Torre Egger, Patagonia, first winter ascent
  • Canada, Helmckenfalls, first ascent Power Shrimps