All-Season Tents

Engineered to handle some of the world's harshest mountain environments, these tents are for pushing the boundaries of maps and human endeavor alike.

Built to Meet the Technical Needs of Professional Alpinists

Because reliable gear is critical to the success of first ascents, speed records and pioneering expeditions.

New for 2017

Advance Pro2 Ultralight Alpine Tent

For high-altitude, fast-and-light summit approaches

Summit assaults demand ultralight strength and technical performance, and this tent delivers. Designed for two alpinists, its small footprint and quick setup make it easier to pitch on high-altitude ledges.

  • Ultralight Strength
  • Small Footprint
  • Unique Ultra-Efficient Setup

Features durable Easton® Syclone Poles

“When they’re on an exposed ledge, alpinists need to be able to set up their shelter fast in limited space. We designed this tent to be pitched in seconds by one person without moving a step.”

Terry Breaux

Category manager, MSR tents and shelter

New for 2017

H.U.B. Tent

High-Altitude Utility Basecamp

A true basecamp for expedition operations, the H.U.B. tent has been proven in some of the world’s most merciless environments. The massive shelter accommodates 5-10 people, plus the gear required to support modern-day exploration.

  • Expedition-Grade
  • Superior Ventiliation
  • Airline-Friendly Weight

“The H.U.B. isn't just a tent, it's your whole basecamp. I spent several weeks living and staging out of it in Nepal. It's versatile, bomber and holds (and sheds) snow loads effortlessly.”

Eric Larsen

Pioneering polar explorer





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