All-Season Tents

The Most Resilient Tent Poles Ever

Easton® Syclone Poles

Made from aerospace-grade composite materials, Easton Syclone Poles flex, rather than break, under the abuse of brutal alpine winds—adding critical durability to our all-season mountain tents.


Far more flexible than aluminum or carbon, and 80% less likely to fail beneath the force of strong winds.


Durable construction returns to structural shape and strength, maintaining the reliability of your shelter.


As light as aluminum poles, reducing weight in your pack.

Durability in Demanding Conditions

Unlike aluminum and carbon poles than bend or snap under enough pressure, Syclone poles are built with composite materials wound from multiple directions into a tube—allowing them to flex under force and return to shape.

“We knew that if we struck the right balance between weight, stiffness and resilience we would have the ultimate tent frame. This is the next-generation pole design we've been searching for over 20 years. ”

Terry Breaux

Category manager, MSR tents and shelter

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